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CO-SENDER is an Email, SMS & Social Marketing Platform (SaaS), which helps companies boost customer engagement and loyalty and increase communication efficiency while reducing operational costs at the same time.

CO-SENDER’s mission is to enable their clients to become high-performance businesses.

Our product vision: a single point of communication that allows organizations to communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and everyone in their environment in an easy and efficient way.

Currently we are raising $1.5M seed round. CO-SENDER profile in Funderbeam.

Please have a look at our pitch deck and booklet below.

Contacts and more information: 

Edvardas Jatautas, Co-founder & CEO
+1 (310) 871-3613
Los Angeles, CA



Pitch deck

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Before implementing CO-SENDER we've made an extensive market research to figure out if the problem really exists and what are statistics to prove our projections for business plan. You may find an interesting facts below.



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