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CO-SENDER is an email & SMS marketing platform to send messages worldwide, track results and manage subscriber data in a single place.

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Build beautiful emails and newsletters with our drag & drop designer or get inspiration from free pre-setup templates.



Have all the data from your campaigns - opens, unsubscribes, bounces and more, link activity and sms delivery worldwide.



Send targeted information to the right people. Segment subscribers based on specific criteria.



Features That Help Your Business Grow

Centralized communication management, combining SMS, email and social networking options, allowing customer communication to be tracked and responded in a fast and effective way.

Control all your communication in a single platform. 

Store all of your contacts and grow your list without restrictions. 


Activate right away or schedule, pause, resume a Campaign.

Personalize emails with merge tags for increased engagement.




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What Our Customers Say

CO-SENDER enables brands big and small to extend their email & sms marketing.

CO-SENDER allowed us to save time managing and measuring impact of our content. Now we get to be out there telling stories and exploring the unknown.
— Susan Bone
Software is very user-friendly, which is very important, everything is clear, just as it should be.
— Alex C.
Managing our email campaigns has become a hassle... Thanks to CO-SENDER we segment our clients contacts into subscribers list automatically. Voilà!
— Jane Smith


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